"To be yourself is to be successful"
- Sade' Spears

Being raised in Louisiana by a single mother has its perks. It forces you to work hard, never give up, and stay strong. Since I was a little girl my mom has always been to me the person she needed growing up. She would give me the world if she could. I know I could never repay her but I'm grateful for every moment. My mom is a celebrity in my eyes. Watching her get dressed each morning was my favorite. I always said to myself, "If I look like a celebrity, I will feel like one too."

I started expressing myself through fashion at the age of 15. I went from playing dress up as a kid to inspiring other people with my style. I created my brand name "Celebridae" at the age of 16 and grew my social media following. I quickly noticed the influence I had and fashion became my life. My mom understood my talent but she still encouraged me to finish school. I am currently a student at Louisiana State University where I study Information Systems and Decision Sciences. My studies have enhanced my technical skills, business decisions, and entrepreneurship mindset. I am proud to say my education has built a phenomenal foundation for me to establish a brand at the age of 21.

Fashion is more than a hobby for me, it is my gift. I wake up everyday passionate about what I do. Celebridae inspires women to celebrate themselves. Each item in this store is uniquely chosen by me to make you look and feel beautiful. You are a celebrity! Launching Celebridae LLC was one of my biggest dreams and on May 30, 2017, I was able to accomplish it. I worked hard, I never gave up, and I am stronger than ever. I dedicate everything to God and my mom. I love you.

Thank you for supporting me!